April 27, 2020

Covid-19 Pandemic: Hang in there, fellas

From a bunch of predicted scenarios, this pandemic has become a "slap in the face" not only for Indonesia.

As a fresh graduate with no experiences, I was wondering, “what would happen if everyone had equal education and also didn’t have any experiences as well? How does company choose its prospective employees?” to egocentric questions like, “if this country goes bankrupt, how can I live? What should I do for fulfilling my necessities?”. There are so many scheme I’ve been think of, but this time it was beyond my mind. A 120 nanometres microbe paralyzes all aspect, including economy as a whole.

Corona Virus Disease (Covid-19) was first identified last December, which the exact cause is still unknown ‘til this day. Primarily spread by a single droplets or physical contacts, made the Government an a numbered of public figure take actions to drive the #dirumahsaja campaign. However, it can’t be denied this movement could be detrimental to a number of parties, especially the industrial sector and its labourer.

Restrictions on movements imposed in a number of countries have caused a global economic shrinkage. Quoted from suarasurabaya(net), a significant decrease in demand on some developed countries can impact underdeveloped countries, especially for the nations that depend on the tourism sector and commodity exports. Indonesia, which haves natural and cultural tourism is one of them.

Several recreation and tourism sites in Indonesia have been closed since last March, including concentrated area for shopping. 21 shopping centers and more than 150.000 worker are threatened with being laid off due to this pandemic (detik(com), April 17th 2020), and its only for West Java region. Can you imagine the number of unemployed worker in this country? It should be underlined, this is only in the retail industries. Nevertheless, some retail companies now can be accessed through their websites or apps. Majority have various offers, from discounts to free shipping.

Howsoever, a lot of companies apply salary cuts to their employees, and even worse the contract terminations. People who only have one source of income started to worry about their losing, especially for those who already have family. The reductions of social insurance’s fee to the electricity cost is one of their many dreams right now.

The service industry is in similar situation as well. Some transportation modes services are now limited in their movements. One of my experiences was a couple days ago, drivers of good transporters from one of the online transportation services claimed that their income has been declined by more than 70% per day. “Frequently, I could bring Rp 200.000 home per day, now it’s just Rp 50.000. I really thank God for this despite this conditions, truly,” he admitted. This also happened to many of “ojek online” drivers, their complaints submerge since social distancing was carried out, which initially they could operate as much as possible, is now limited to delivering foods and goods. “Even if the restaurants allows,” one of the drivers answered in CNN News interviews several days ago. 

Another case in broadcasting field. Some television networks, influencer, and TV personality hold a fundraising to distributes groceries to those in needs. Regardless whether this is one of their CSR or not, I personally think this is absolutely great. But back again, ‘til when this will last? Although this is not one of their main responsibilities, now bunch of people end up lean and relying on the slightest help from them.

A month and half since the Covid-19 outbreak happened in Indonesia, it has frozen many activities. Jobseeker has also seen more than usual, equivalent to the increasing of daily needs. Hang in there, fellas. Just hold on a little longer.

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