October 7, 2020

Ready, Set, Run!

Having a shoe bite is never on somebody's list, right? Here I am  hurting my left ankle and my right thumb because of the super-tight-fitting strap heels that I've been worn for miles running the world over and still deny that my shoes are – or WAS  definitely fine when actually it's already rubbed against my skin. Thanks to that, I can't barely move my feet with closed toe shoes.

Alright, enough for my miserable story. What I want to share with you guys right now is all about my favorite exercise, running! It's sad knowing that almost a month I can't run ☹️ but really, running is kewl you know what I mean?

Okay, notably at our age  teenager, young adult  we almost never do some exercises if its not 'a must' like for example most high schoolers maybe do sports only on their physical education class in school, right? As well as for the late adolescence, who already graduate from college or starting new career or maybe married and have a small family  they probably rule the training out from their life routine.

Choosing the right exercise for ourself is not easy, I admit that. But what I want to underlined is, it's not about the type of the sports; it all depends on our intention, our motives. There are so many advantage lies on each exercise, from burning calories to burning mental pressures; and for running itself, from my encounter, here's what you'll get:
  1. Improving your blood circulation. This happen because when you running, your heart rate also increases, so the oxygen  that carried by your blood  would help your muscle for doing their best during the practice. You will aware this occurrence once you try, trust me. This also prevent you from coronary.
  2. Lose weight. Running periodically will help burn your fat for your energy, so you'll have fatless body. Honestly, I lose my weight for about 2 pounds from running regularly but because of my accident and I have to rest my feet, well you do know the answer.
  3. Send the immunity through the roof. Every single practice will boost your immunity up, like definitely. I might be a little bit wet behind the ears, but running makes me stronger and I never been in poor health since I put this exercise into my daily life.
  4. Restore to well-being. IT REALLY HELPS. Through running, you'll forget all stuff, problem, or anything that bothers your thoughts. You'll focus on your breathing - which deep breaths will help to reduce stress.

Starting to run, specifically, will need some attention for not getting hurt by doing it improperly. You can't be in the pink of health without concerning anything surrounds you. But don't be afraid. Here are some tips for you, as a beginner, that you should notice before you set your feet:
  1. Warm up your body. It will prevent you from cramp or any injury. Do the cardio warm up planks, stretch up, etc.  or you can just start to walk. Do it for about 10-20 minutes before you start to run.
  2. Don't be so hard on yourself, you're not an Olympic runner. Personally, I don't want to encumber your will to begin this practice. Many experts said that you should aim your time bound, distance, or whatever it is. I just want you to target your achievement per se. The ideal time for exercise is 2 hours per week, but you can adjust your personal time considering your other activities and your being. The goal here is to make your body fit  so you can make an objective, let say 20 minutes per day for 4 days in a week. It's up to you, and don't be bother by distance you would make within your allocated time.
  3. Choose the right running gear, don't be glued to specific brands! Here's the thing: sometimes we dazed while picking up running equipment on account of particular brand. We all be like "oh this brand provides bunch of stylish gears," or we're just want the prestige of the brand itself. 
    • Shoes  choose running shoes that has flexible surface, well cushioned and also featherweight. As a newbie, you don't want to overwhelmed your feet with wrong shoes. 
    • Clothes  be sure to not overdress. You need a cloth that will wick the sweat away, for example outfit with nylon or polyester fabrics.
    • Sunscreen  pick a waterproof sunscreen with at least SPF 30, also protection from UVA and UVB. 
  4. Face front, stay focus. Avoid bending your neck down because it will block the pathway of oxygen. Fixate your eyesight to a subject for at least 20 meters ahead from you. 
  5. Breathe from your nose, not mouth. My friend who's great at running told me this. Breathing from your mouth would make you feel more exhausted than you should be. Organize your breathing with your footfall, it would make a huge difference.
  6. Hunchback? Please, don't. Straighten your body, pull you shoulder to the back without raising stress to your chest and stomach. Don't forget to loosen up once you feel fatigued.
  7. Land with your mid-sole. Step on your mid-sole first then roll it to the forefoot. Additionally, make your footsteps buoyant and soundless  it's more efficient and it wouldn't build a tension to your body.
  8. Find your compact-personal trainer. These days there are plenty running app that offers great features to accompany you while you run; also a trainer who could motivate, tell do's and don'ts, and train you how to be a good runner. I use Nike running app to assists my practices. 
In the end, whether it's running or any other exercise it would bring a huge benefit for your prosperity. Just be commit to what you've started and stay healthy. Carpe diem xx.

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