June 20, 2020

Get into My Pouch

It’s been a looooooong time – I guess – to finally get in touch with my beloved blog since my last post. I usually manage and make a timeline for what should I write or which project should I complete first, but next content is really tough! I mean, there’s a lot of assumption also theories I should’ve work for; and it still shown a strong bias. Well, I’m working on it, so stay tuned for my next post, comprende? 😏 

For a short intermezzo, I’m writing a light disclosure about myself (ha!) and I hope you will find them entertaining and informative. Please don’t kill me if you got bent out of shape because – oh God – this is just not me! 

Long story short, my Mom and I went for groceries – and I don’t wanna miss this opportunity to buy my stuffs with my Mom’s cash (sorry, Mom🙃) – before the outbreak. But you can’t have your cake and eat it too. Though my necessities are all set, I got quarantine and I can’t just hang out with my friends or meet with the clients freely. So, my makeup’s still in the precise amount since that day. 

In this post, I will tell you my little secret of what am I wearing when I go out. Honestly, I don’t wear a heavy makeup nor skincare as a rule (WARNING: DO NOT COPY MY BAD HABIT) because I find it too vexing. Still, not being a hypocrite, makeup and skincare are both needed for at least young adult lady. 

It started from my last year of college – it’s late, I know – for me to start searching a ‘proper’ makeup style and types. It’s been a long journey I think, but once I find the one that click with both my skin and financial state, I’m not brave enough to try the other one. 

And these are my cosmetics I regularly use for the past two years! I will put brief explanation of why I wear all these products. 

  1. Clio Kill Cover Founwear Cushion XP – #05 Sand This is my first – and probably always be – my cushion ever. It fits with my skin tone, not to bright or dark, and I love the final look. Its not so dewy and I avoid the matte finish since I have dry-to-sensitive skin, also it has a fine coverage. Head over heels in love with the case and I think the new one is pretty cool too. 
  2. Viva Eyebrow Pencil Black Produces from one of the oldest local brands for cosmetics in Indonesia. Soooo easy on the pocketbook, tender, and pigmented as well. Frequently I use it at the end of my eyebrow because of my baldy brow 😑 my Dad always told me to wear any type of brow pencil thinly since I have a grouchy face. 
  3. Maybelline Volum’ Express Turbo Boost Waterproof Mascara I admit that I’ve been trying several products for my eyelashes, but it’s kinda tricky because I have no lower lashes – well, maybe it’s right there but I barely seen them, idk😂 so my final quest is this item. It claims to give volume and thick effect for the lashes, and it suits mine since I already have a quite long lashes. 
  4. Nature Republic by Jeju Flower Balm – #02 Peach Blossom I don’t really know since when my lips are getting a little darker than usual, and once my friend asked me do I smoke or what (dude, please. I even having an allergic with smokes). I started searching any lip product to fix it. This piece is really, truly helps. My lips becoming reddish and it keeps hydrating. If I suddenly gotta phone for a meeting with my pals on my lazy days, I just wear this only and that’s it. I use it day and night before I hit the sack. 
  5. Innisfree Vivid Cotton Ink – #10 Brown Tea Tulip Well, I must say that I sort of forced when I bought this because of other’s reviews and my come-and-go consumptive behavior (like ‘hey, I need this for my life sake’). But it turns out fairly good. Its powdery and has light formula, I think. Sometimes I wear for giving an ombre color of my lips and for the apple of my cheeks – I use it for blushing since I don’t have one LOL. 
  6. Maybelline SuperStay Ink Crayon – #20 Enjoy the View My Mom keeps mad at me for always buying the same shade for my lip products – nudish brown, dusty pink – because I really love those colors, like my lips are only apt with that tones. I have a bunch of lip items since I like to purchase vary brands for different types. One day I intend to buy the classic lipstick, but all of “my shades” are sold out for any brands so I picked this up. This product is mesmerizing me. Frankly, I don’t really care about what it claims – transfer proof, long-lasting or whatever – unless for its shade. But what I really like is it has a tiny yet useful sharpener. 
  7. Zara Hi-Lo Country Eau de Parfum Fragrance is one of my favorite thing in life, but if I have to choose, I probably point this one. This is a male perfume actually but I really like how it clings with our skins. Is it just me or this fragrance releases different scents for each person? 😂 also, the small bottle makes me wanted to always drop it inside my bags. 
So that’s a wrap! Apparently it seems like a short review, right? Forgive me for my lack of makeup knowledge and its essentials – this is my first time – indeed, I’m not a beauty influencer nor beauty enthusiast. I hope you enjoy my stray-writing and see you on the next post! xx

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